Frequently Asked Questions at Plumber Johannesburg

How soon can you schedule my project once I decide I want you to complete it?

How quickly your plumbing contractor can get started depends on the type of project and the time of year. On large installation projects, plumbers can typically book you into schedule within one week once you give permission to proceed. This allows time for all materials required for the project to be sourced. Of course, if you are in a hurry or in case of emergency repair, just let your specialist plumber know when you call for a quote and your enquiry will be treated with urgency.


How is your pricing compared in the industry?

Reputable plumbing contractors are not necessarily the cheapest plumbers in town but they are usually competitively priced when the aim is to deliver a top-quality job and unbeatable customer service at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, there is no standard hourly or job-specific rate when dealing with plumbers. The cost will often be split into three components: call-out fee; hourly rate thereafter; cost of replacement parts. Some plumbers will charge a job fee, which might be better value – with an hourly rate; there is no incentive for them to finish the job quickly. Licensed plumbers are without doubt your safest and wisest option.


What happens after I have chosen which plumber to look at my repairs?

Once you have decided which firm to use, you must book a time for a plumber to come and see you. Plumbers are some of the busiest tradesman and may not be able to visit you right away, but you should not have to wait longer than a week. Make sure that you are aware of all costs before the plumber comes out – there may well be a hidden call-out charge. At this point, you should tell the plumber what the problem is and provide any information that they might ask for – for example, the brand and model of your geyser – so that they can prepare for their visit and bring the correct parts. Before any large project work is carried out, be sure to arrange the price.