Leak detection Hyde Park

Leak detection Hyde Park, the best water leak detectors in your area!

Leak detection Hyde Park are an innovative company with many years’ combined experience within the plumbing and water leak detection industry. We take great pride in our standard level combining our experience, knowledge, and expertise of the latest technologies and innovations.

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Leak detectors in Hyde Park aim to help and assist you our customer, and to minimise costs and concerns due to water escape or areas of building dampness. How can Leak detection in Hyde Park help? We offer a bespoke service and deliver a high level to insurance companies, commercial clients and residential homeowners.

We specialise in the customer journey, and try to limit the number of companies and visits to return your home back to pre-incident condition. As a Homeowner, we can also guide you seamlessly through the insurance process whilst ensuring the minimum amount of stress is caused. So for water leak detection, central heating leaks or any internal damp issues we should be your primary call. They cost money and cause damage; a water leak can even leave you cold with no heating or hot water.

In insurance terms it’s called an “escape of water leaks” but for you it’s a burst pipe, a boiler losing pressure or a high water bill – a nuisance that hinders normal life.

Leak detection Hyde Park  are proud of what we do and like to keep our customers informed and help you understand the process of leak detection.

You can give Water Leak detection companies Hyde Park a call straight to find out more about the technology we use, including thermal imaging, acoustic leak detection, correlation, tracer gas detection and many others.

There is no single ‘water leak detector’ in the industry. A number of methods are used to accurately find a water leak and each depends on the type of leak and / or property.

Shower Installation 
Shower Installation 

Having difficulty taking a bath because of age or restricted mobility? Are you in the process of revamping your bathroom and simply wish to have an additional shower option installed?  Regain your independence and make your bathroom dreams come true with a stylish, practical walk in shower.

We are one of the leading companies for easy access baths and showers. With a many years experience in design and installation, we appreciate the difficulties that face the elderly and disabled and can help you choose the most suitable shower option for you.

Our experienced team of fitters will handle the complete installation process enabling you to just turn on the tap, relax and enjoy.

A walk-in shower solution is a perfect option whatever your physical ability or space restrictions, without compromising on aesthetics and style. Our easy-access showers have special features designed to make your bathing time safer, more comfortable and relaxing whilst offering additional special features for your comfort and peace of mind showering.

All are our walk-in showers are stylish, supremely practical and easy to use and keep clean.

Our walk in showers help reduce the threat of a fall or injury. With our specialist team, you now have a safer and more independent option when it comes to bathing.