We were extremely happy with their work. The repair job could not have been done better, yet the price was reasonable, and they did it quickly and professionally. We had a bigger plumbing problem than we realized due to old and rusted pipes and they established the damage, quoted us accurately and fixed the whole mess for us in what I feel is a record time. I recommend these guys without second thought.

Werner Duvenage


This crew is fantastic – great attention to detail and super easy to work with. Our geyser element needed to be replaced after a water cut in our neighborhood and we thought we’d be looking at having to replace an entire geyser. I feel they were very thorough in their work and conservative in how far they were willing to push the replacement. They were also on schedule and budget…and to make up for a day lost to rain, they worked on a Saturday – such dedication. We’d recommend them to anyone!

Bianca Waterman


We were very satisfied with this exceptional company! They completed our interior and exterior plumbing in a timely manner and met all our expectations. The contractors were very knowledgeable on what pipes and fittings to use and I am so glad that we didn’t try to do this on our own or hire several different guys to do the job. Great work and friendly plumbers! Would recommend them to everyone!

Jessie Mhlope


Our new bathroom is amazing! We live in an ancient house and were under the impression that to spruce things up will mean massive expenses. We opted to take out the old bath and have a walk-in shower installed and when the quote arrived, we couldn’t believe it. We also had some pipes to replace and taps to fix and the team was simply amazing. Everything is beautiful and works perfectly. It truly feels like we have a brand new home. So many thanks!

Gerhard and Susan Engelbrecht